a lyric biography of my uncle based on his 500-page prison record

My mother never told us about him. Now I’m piecing together his life story from what prison guards, prison psychologists, lawyers, judges, police officers and newspaper reporters said about him.

* an erasure poem created from a letter my grandmother wrote to the warden

* a reverse abecedarian created from my uncle’s intake file at the St. Cloud Reformatory


I was captivated by the news story of Pablo Neruda’s remains being dug up in 2013 to test his bones for remnants of poison. It fascinates me that his bones, all of our bones, carry hidden messages. And so I began my own search for alternate voices within the very bones, the letters, of poems.

* experimental translations of poems by Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Bishop and EE Cummings in Anomaly

* experimental translations of poems by Tomas Tranströmer in Interim and Muse/A

* experimental translations of poems by Mexican writer Malva Flores in Hinchas de Poesía